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Bridging the Gaps with Dental Bridges

It can happen that as people grow older, their teeth sometimes decay and begin a process to fall apart. When a tooth becomes so impaired that it must be removed, this can leave gaps in the mouth that are unattractive, and that can make eating difficult. A dental bridge is a way of replacing a tooth and filling this kind of gap. There is more than one way that managing this issue can be corrected, and each method is designed to address the unique dental issue of a given patient because each case is unique to the patient being reviewed. At Hilltop Dental of Agoura Hills, California, you’ll find the best in dental restoration techniques that can bring your mouth back to a functional state, and that can give you more confidence in your smile for a lifetime.

Types of Dental Bridges

Generally speaking, there are four basic types of dental bridges that are available for the patient. In the traditional bridge, the false tooth lies between two adjacent teeth to which dental crowns have been applied. This method works well as long as the patient has the two adjacent teeth to work with to secure the dental bridge. In the case when there is only one tooth next to the gap area, the cantilever method can be used instead. In this method, the false tooth is attached to the one adjacent crowned tooth.

Another viable option is the Maryland dental bridge, which is similar to the traditional bridge because it still requires two teeth, with each one adjacent to the gap. The false tooth then lies in the gap between the two teeth, using a framework that is attached to the back of the two crowned teeth. In most cases, this framework can be made of metal or porcelain. Finally, the final and most modern method is the implant-supported dental bridge. To implement this, a dental implant is placed in the area of each missing tooth, and these implants then hold the bridge in place. In these situations, the implant-supported bridge procedures take longer to perform but are the most stable and secure of the four methods available to a patient seeking a dental bridge treatment.

What Dental Bridges Can Do for You

A dental bridge can make life easier for you to correct dental problems in several ways. First of all, it makes chewing easier by readjusting your bite and preventing the rest of your teeth from moving out of position. Not being able to chew limits the types of food you can eat and prevents you from having a fully healthy, enjoyable, and nutritious diet. If your bite is compromised, you cannot effectively grind and crush food to allow the food to go on to the next phase of digestion in your body.

Secondly, dental bridges can help to maintain the shape of your face. Having missing teeth creates a hollow, shrunken appearance to your face, and you can lose facial muscle tone. As a result, it may even be more difficult to speak. A dental bridge can restore the appearance of your smile and give you the confidence you need in social, employment, and other situations where you come in contact with other people.

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