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Emergency dentistry is the emergency treatment of dental problems that require immediate attention. If these problems are not treated, they can lead to life-threatening consequences. Issues like uncontrolled bleeding, infection and swelling in the area of the throat, or certain types of facial or throat trauma are all problems that require emergency dental care. Even a fractured tooth or a compromised dental restoration may be a dental emergency because this can lead to inability to chew or speak.  In most areas, emergency dentists are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and even on holidays. Most dental problems are not handled in a regular emergency room, so it’s good to know where you can find an emergency dentist when you need one.

Emergency Root Canals

A root canal is a dental procedure in which the innermost pulp layer of the tooth is removed along with the nerve. These structures are located within the root canal itself, which is inside the center of the tooth. When the tooth pulp layer and nerve are exposed by extensive tooth decay or trauma, they can become infected by bacteria from the outside and may form a painful abscess. In a root canal procedure, this material is removed, the area is cleaned out, and then it is sealed off with a special bacteria-resistant paste.

While root canals are not always an emergency, they should be attended to promptly even when they are not.  When there is severe pain or swelling or when the infection is severe, the need for a root canal then becomes an emergency. The swelling may close off the airway in the throat, or bacteria can enter the bloodstream, causing sepsis, which can be fatal.

Emergency Tooth Extraction and Broken Teeth

When a tooth is so badly decayed that it is falling apart and the inner part of the tooth is exposed to bacteria, you can develop severe pain as well as infection. When this occurs, the tooth must be extracted in order to relieve the pain and treat the infection. If the entire tooth is ruined by a trauma to the point that it cannot be preserved or repaired, it must also be extracted, and if there is severe pain or root exposure, this requires emergency treatment.

Broken teeth may also need emergency treatment in the form of a root canal to remove an exposed nerve that is causing severe pain. When this is done, the tooth can then later be preserved with a dental crown on a non-emergency basis. The main goal of emergency dental treatment is to relieve pain, prevent or treat infection, control bleeding, and protect the throat and airway.

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