Preventive Dentistry in Agoura Hills, CA

Preventive dentistry is an area of dentistry that is focused upon keeping the teeth, gums and mouth healthy. Preventing dental problems with regular checkups and good oral hygiene will save you time, money and discomfort as well as enhance your appearance and general health. An experienced general or preventive dentist can help you learn how to avoid developing cavities, deteriorating enamel, gum disease, and tooth loss over time. The American Dental Association recommends regular visits to a dentist and daily oral hygiene which includes brushing the teeth twice daily with a soft-brush toothbrush. Doing these things can often prevent the need for invasive dental procedures like root canals, tooth extractions or extensive restoration work.

The Dental Exam

The dental checkup or exam is the backbone of dental health. During this exam, the dentist will examine your gums and teeth and will possibly take x-rays to find areas that are suspected of decay or infection. He or she will discuss your diet and oral hygiene habits and evaluate your risk for various dental problems. The dentist will check your bite alignment and jaw for proper function.

The dentist will also want to know a history of your medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease and also what medications you are taking, since some conditions and medications can increase the risk of certain dental problems. A dentist can also sometimes determine whether or not you are at risk for or may have another disease, like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, since signs of these diseases are often seen in the mouth.

Dental Cleaning and Oral Cancer Screening

Regular dental cleanings with a dentist or dental hygienist are crucial to maintaining dental health. Although you may brush and floss your teeth regularly, you cannot always remove all the plaque buildup that can occur over time. You also cannot see  all of the areas of gum and tooth inside your mouth, especially in back, so you can’t tell whether problems are developing. The dental hygienist who cleans your teeth will examine your teeth and gums for signs of decay or disease and will also examine your tongue and roof of your mouth for any sores or abnormalities that may be signs of oral cancer. The hygienist can then use instruments that are designed to remove plaque and tartar and can identify and treat bacterial pocketing that may occur at the gum line.

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