Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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When many teeth in one patient’s mouth are badly decayed, missing, or when there is a combination of many dental problems along with gum disease and jaw or bite disorders, a full mouth rehabilitation may be a good choice. For a full mouth rehabilitation, a general dentist may work with a specialist like an endodontist to completely and comprehensively repair the extensive damage to the patient’s mouth. The goal of a full mouth rehabilitation is to restore dental and oral health, relieve pain and optimize the function of the teeth, mouth and jaws. An improved appearance is also usually a by-product of a full mouth rehabilitation.

When Full Mouth Rehabilitation is Needed

As people age, lifelong habits like drinking coffee or tea, smoking, drinking wine or taking certain medications as well as neglecting regular dental checkups can lead to extensive damage to the teeth and gums. There can be missing or badly decayed teeth as well as buildup of plaque and tartar in both the teeth and gums that cause moderate to severe gum disease. This can jeopardize a person’s ability to chew and consume a nutritious diet and can lead to many other health problems as well. When the damage becomes so extensive that one or two procedures can no longer fix it all, a full mouth rehabilitation may then be needed. A full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach to restoring the function of the teeth and mouth using careful planning and prioritizing of dental care.

Procedures Done in Full Mouth Reconstruction

The procedures that are done in a full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction depend upon the unique issues that a particular patient has with the teeth, gums and jaw. The general dentist may begin by doing a good cleaning of the teeth and gum area, and then proceed with diagnostic x-rays to determine where there is decay and what kind of treatment would be most effective. Crown lengthening may be done to prepare teeth for crowns or bridges, and root canals or dental implants may be done to restore areas where teeth are missing. An endodontist may then become involved in the plan of care.

In some cases, bone grafting or sinus lifts may be done by an oral surgeon to create more bone or space for a series of implants and crowns. All of these procedures may take many months to complete, and the patient may need to plan the budget for this care along with his or her dentist. However, a full mouth reconstruction saves more time and money in the long run than doing all the procedures separately without a comprehensive plan.

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