Root Canal Therapy in Agoura Hills, CA

Root Canal Treatment

At Hilltop Dental, we provide endodontic therapy to those who need it. Each tool has an interior part known as the pulp. This pulp can go through inflammatory changes. What results is increase in pressure leading to pain. Sometimes the pulp can resolve this inflammation on its own, but other times, it’s necessary to remove it and other connective tissue. This is known as a root canal. It’s important to have regular dental exams as some instances don’t lead to symptoms. The situation can worsen into an abscess, which can put an infection into the bloodstream while causing problems to the entire body.

Causes of Inflammation

There are many reasons for pulp inflammation. Bacteria that penetrates the pulp is one of the main causes. Severe bruxing or clenching can be a major component too. Traumatic injuries can result in pulp damage. Also, those with advanced stages of periodontal disease with bone loss may be more prone to pulp damage, inflammation or pulp death.

Why a Root Canal is Needed

A root canal is sometimes needed because there is significant tooth decay, deterioration of a filling or severe trauma to the tooth causing it to wear away. The root canal is opened and the inner pulp becomes exposed leading to pain and discomfort. When this occurs, bacteria can get into the pulp and nerves, which can lead to severe toothaches and tooth infection. In root canal therapy, our general dentist removes the pulp, nerves and other connective tissue and fills the root canals with gutta-percha.

The Root Canal Procedure

First, we take x-rays to determine the extent of the damage or the presence of an infection. A local anesthetic is applied, which numbs the area. Next, a rubber dam is placed around the tooth to keep the tooth dry during treatment. A hole is drilled into the tooth and the pulp, nerve and connective tissue is removed. The inside of the root canals is then thoroughly cleaned and flushing out with a solution. Once we are sure that the area is cleaned fully, we seal off the area to prevent bacteria from entering again. Once the tooth is sealed, a filling is placed for minor decay. For more severe situations, the rest of the tooth can be restored with a crown too. The procedure isn’t typically painful; however, pain can be felt if the tooth was badly infected beforehand.

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